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Vesuvius Tours

Treat yourself to one of the most fascinating experiences in the world!
A trip to Mount Vesuvius on an ecological bus through Matrone road.
Our tours are dedicated to nature lovers and hikers but also lovers of history and art.
You can combine the walk Vesuvius other tour as the excavations of Pompeii or Herculaneum.

Vesuvius Tours

La Busvia del Vesuvio

Un viaggio unico attraverso la strada Matrone...ripercorrere questa strada è veramente sensazione è quella di trovarsi in contatto con la natura incontaminata...
Busvia del Vesuvio è un ramo d'azienda della già consolidata Cooperativa Torquato Tasso di Sorrento, cui è stato affidato il delicato compito di gestire un imponente programma di sviluppo turistico che, varato dalla regione Campania, ha consentito la riapertura al pubblico dell'antica strada Matrone.
Portare ogni anno cinquantamila turisti sul Vesuvio per la strada Matrone, il tracciato costruito nel 1894 dall'ingegnere di Boscotrecase Gennaro Matrone e riaperto, oggi, solo ai bus ecologici del Parco, è uno degli obiettivi di Busviadel Vesuvio.

vesuvio bus
vesuvio bus

“One of a kind experience!”

Reviewed on Tripadvisor January 26, 2016

"I had never travelled in a vehicle like this before and never climbed a volcano, especially a world famous bad boy like Vesuvius either, so this really was a one of a kind experience in my life! Seriously, I cannot figure out how some people here are complaining about the bus ride being dangerous, considering the fact that they are crazy enough to climb a dormant volcano, that might just decide to erupt in their faces, while they are at it!
There was a long line outside Pompeii station for the bus.We waited for at least 40 minutes for the bus.Everything was a bit disorganised as seems to be the case often in Italy! You take an ordinary bus to the edge of the mountain and then climb on this beast of a vehicle for the rest of the journey. There are strict time deadlines to meet and toilets are scarce, so do keep those in mind, if you are considering this outing.Also, you need to be reasonably fit and wear sturdy shoes if you are intending to climb Vesuvius.We had a wonderful time and I highly recommend it!"